“I am eternally grateful to Raja. She helped me transform my average and forgettable essay into a piece that could tell the story of who I was and what I was passionate about. With very small admission numbers, I knew I needed to show my best writing and work to have a shot at my top choice graduate school. I got in.

In addition to being an exceptional editor, I found that one of best parts of working with her is that she provided specific feedback that still allowed for me to bring in my personal style of voice to solve each problem. She was incredibly supportive, and the thing that I still remember to this day is how much she truly cared about my personal goals. Her dedication helped bolster my own.

I would highly recommend working with Raja.”

A.L., San Francisco

“I can’t recommend Raja enough for her business school application guidance.  Anyone applying to business school knows how overwhelming, time consuming, and sometimes discouraging the process can be, but Raja helped break down the process to make sure I focused my time and energy on the right pieces of the application at the right time.  Raja was strategic in making sure each piece of my application – from my GMAT scores to my recommendations to my interviews – came together to tell a cohesive story.  She had the insight to know where an admissions committee would see weaknesses in my application and identified ways to address those gaps.
When I came to Raja, I had a generic list of accomplishments I tried to cram into my application in the hopes of impressing the admissions committee. Raja made me take a step back and took time to understand my background, experience, and goals.  She used that knowledge to continually push me to make my applications more authentic, compelling, and a true reflection of myself.  I strongly believe that made all the difference in standing out to my top choice schools in a very competitive year.
What really struck me about Raja is how much she cared – she was just as invested in my success as I was.  She demanded my best and provided honest feedback, even when it was difficult to hear.  However, she was always encouraging, and I had her exclusive attention and focus during our time together.
There’s only one thing Raja couldn’t do – make the decision on whether I should go to Sloan or Kellogg (yes, I got into BOTH of my top choice schools)!  Thanks Raja for everything!!!”

C.K., Boston

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