Career Storytelling


I work 1:1 with a select number of women who are 10-20 years into their careers and are at an inflection or reflection point. Once you become a client, we will work together to

  • Understand and communicate your strengths
  • Identify the pattern of success in your previous work
  • Articulate lessons from failures and challenges.

The new narrative we develop will be the foundation from which you launch yourself to the next chapter of your career.


Through a series of discussions and short writing assignments, we will unpack the choices and influences that have brought you to this point in your career, we will identify the work you have been the most passionate about pursuing and finally, I will help you communicate your strengths and successes at work to different audiences.

If you have recently experienced failure or a setback and are struggling to frame it in the context of an otherwise successful career, we will work on articulating these challenges and develop a narrative that restores your confidence in yourself and your work.

The ultimate goal in our working together is to help you have a new understanding of the value you bring to organizations and teams; to have you feel a renewed sense of pride in what you have accomplished; and to help you see that your failures and missteps don’t define you or your careers. Former successful clients have used this new understanding of themselves and their careers to gain promotions, switch industries and transition to more fulfilling careers.

FORMAT: Clients can pick from 1, 2 or 3 month engagements. We start with a 90-minute call. There will occasionally be short written assignments and subsequent weekly calls will last 30-60 minutes. To begin working on your new story, email me at to set up a free 20-minute introductory call. Learn more at