“If you’re reading this then you already know that the MBA admissions process can be a daunting experience. You’re about to put yourself in the spotlight and while you’ve likely amassed an impressive laundry list of accomplishments, you’re up against tough competition. With elite schools receiving more and more applications each year, it’s easy to fret that you’ll be lost in a sea of similar candidates. At least that’s how I felt until I met Raja. Her subject matter expertise and coaching instilled me with the confidence and directive needed to present the best possible version of myself throughout my essays, applications, and interviews. Raja is a master of drawing on empirical wisdom and blending it with a deep understanding of the human condition – this process allows her to create an action plan that is uniquely tailored to each individual client.

I’ve always been one that responds best to clear instruction and prompt feedback. Raja is second to none in both of these categories. With her guidance, I was able to compartmentalize every aspect of the admissions process, attack each with precision, and tie the components together seamlessly. She uncovered my strengths and weaknesses and converted my raw narrative into a passionate and compelling profile. Best of all, she removed the anxieties that typically cloud the application process opting instead to convert my experience into one of discovery and determination. Without Raja, I simply would not be able to call myself a member of the Stanford GSB community. ”        


“I decided to apply to 3 MBA programs 3 weeks before the deadline, and Raja Ashraf was with me every step of the way. At the beginning of the process, she both encouraged me to broaden my criteria for school research and respected my boundaries for the schools I absolutely wanted to keep on my list. I was an applicant with a low GPA, and Raja acknowledged the frank implications of this while making sure to draw attention to the aspects of my candidacy that gave me an edge. She works extremely hard for her clients, and never misses a deadline (and expects the same). Raja is an excellent essay editor, and her feedback always landed in the sweet spot that allowed me to re-frame my story while staying true to my own voice as a writer. Most of all, she is incredibly personable and interested in all of the life experiences that have made someone who they are. At the end of the whirlwind 3 weeks, I was proud of every single application I submitted and that was in great part because of Raja. I was admitted to the school that was right for me, and couldn’t be more excited to start my MBA. Don’t hesitate, schedule your first meeting with Raja today! She will help bring a sense of humor and humanity to this process. “


“I cannot begin to thank Raja enough for all her dedicated support throughout the MBA application process. She provided extremely valuable insight right from our initial consultation, and brought polish and finesse to all of my application materials.

During our initial consultation, Raja set clear expectations regarding the schools I had in mind, and helped me select programs that fit well with my background and ambitions. She also showed me how to frame a cohesive story around my background and experiences to highlight my accomplishments and my intended career path

Raja provided guidance on how to select recommenders who could effectively speak to my experience and fit for business school, and helped me collate materials that would help them write specific and personal recommendation letters.

Raja was a star when it came to helping me with essays. Given her knowledge of my busy work schedule, she set weekly touch points to keep me accountable to deadlines we had agreed to, and provided timely and actionable feedback that really helped my essays shine. She was very in-tune with the expectations of admissions boards across schools, and used her knowledge to help me write compelling essays that would highlight facets of myself that would resonate most with each school. Her style is extremely personable – she would break down the essay topic into a series of questions, helping me dig deeper until I got to the heart of what the admissions committee wanted to know about. She would then help me piece my response together into a persuasive story to effectively make my case.

After a few excruciating weeks of waiting, when I began to receive interview invitations, Raja leveraged her extensive experience to help me prep – again, pinpointing values that resonated most with me and with the interviewers at each school, and helping me articulate these values through tangible examples. It is entirely due to Raja’s help and unwavering support that I was invited to attend my top choice business schools.”


“Four years ago I had a crazy idea–I should go to graduate school and study education policy. I realize it doesn’t sound like the most far-fetched of schemes, but as a single mom who spent nearly a decade photographing weddings and portraits, I wasn’t a traditional candidate and always knew that it would be a long shot.

If you have a dream and fierce conviction to pursue it, working with Raja will be instrumental in realizing your goals. Her keen insight into the admission processes of elite universities is impressive, but she doesn’t merely offer you buzzwords to help your application stand out. What Raja offers is infinitely more valuable. Under her guidance, I began a journey of self-discovery, culminating in a compelling narrative that transformed me into an ideal candidate. Our work together allowed me to powerfully articulate my motivation for graduate study–a key component to my applications, but more importantly, essential to building confidence and underscoring my resolve for pursuing this dream.

Not only did I get into my top school, but I received a full-ride fellowship to fund my graduate work. I can say with absolute confidence that working with Raja made all the difference.”


“Raja is absolutely amazing at what she does. I wasn’t sure where to start with my application and she helped me put together a comprehensive story that tied everything together. Being a former admissions officer, Raja knows the whole process inside and out. She helped me put forward my best, from idea to structure to edits, she was extremely encouraging throughout the whole process. She’s also very fast on email and always there when you need her. The application seems much less daunting when you know you have her to go to. More than all of that, Raja is the best person you could work with for your application because her passion and enthusiasm makes you more excited about your own story. She’s friendly, warm, and knowledgeable – your best cheerleader. Whether you’re trying to put together a great application in a short time or over a few months, she can come up with a way to surpass expectations and get you there. I’d highly recommend working with Raja, for such a high stakes application there’s no better person you could choose.”


“When I first contacted Raja I was a just weeks away from submitting my applications, and was feeling overwhelmed about the work in front of me to get my essays in the shape I wanted them. She provided me with honest, constructive feedback that helped to strengthen my voice within my essays. While re-reading my essays after implementing her suggestions they read more focused, clear and confident. I was accepted to 4 out of 5 programs, including a few top reach programs-Harvard Kennedy School among them! Raja’s guidance in helping to better focus my essays played a large role in my application success. Even in such a time crunch Raja got back to me swiftly, and always encouraged me throughout the editing process.  I cannot thank her enough!”

“Three months after receiving and accepting a full ride to my target school, I had the odd experience of running into one of the people who interviewed me for the program. I asked for his impression of me during the interview, and ultimately he let me know why I had received a great offer: a compelling, well thought-out narrative of why an MBA made sense, and why this MBA in particular was a good fit.

I can’t thank Raja enough for helping over several months to think through my own goals and arrive at a plan that I felt passionate about. Investing real money in a consultant, you are spending on an intangible that will hopefully pay you back down the road, and it can be hard to judge whether it will be worth it before taking the plunge. For anyone considering using Raja’s services, here is my take:
1) In pure monetary terms, the money spent on Raja’s service came back to me in multiples because I secured a scholarship. It is easily the best measurable ROI I have ever made on a monetary investment
2) I saved valuable time writing and editing these essays, which equaled less late nights and more time to spend with my significant other while working full time and applying to schools
3) Raja’s advice only became stronger as we worked together. Through our conversations she continued to dig to understand me better as a professional. Ultimately this helped her advise me on packaging myself well in this process.”

“When I first talked to Raja in late August, I had trouble believing that I was actually going to get my Round 1 applications submitted… in fact, as a non-traditional MBA applicant, I was unsure whether I even had any business applying to the schools on my list. But from our first conversation, Raja became a sort of anchor – keeping me rooted in who I was, why I was pursuing an MBA, and what made me a compelling applicant. She helped me zoom in on the most important parts of my story and my strengths – which, as it turned out, weren’t always the things I expected – and brush past the details and hang-ups that were holding me back. She leveraged her experience as an admissions officer to help me understand the perspective of those who would be reading my applications, which brought a level of focus and precision to my applications that had been lacking before.

At the same time, Raja was a kind motor throughout the months-long application process – pushing me out of my brainstorming paralysis and into the concrete writing, revision, and submission of application after application. Her confidence, responsiveness, and unwavering belief in me kept me going, and her feedback was always quick, concrete, and actionable. I loved getting drafts back from her, even when they were riddled with comments and suggestions, because I always felt clearer and more certain of what I needed to do next. And because of Raja’s incredible commitment to her clients, I got exactly the support I needed at a price I could afford. Without Raja’s support, I never would have been able to produce four high-quality applications in such a short window of time.

Once the time came to prepare for my interviews, Raja continued to serve as my primary cheerleader and coach. She pushed me to keep refining my story and focusing on my strengths, gave me the encouragement I needed to walk into my interviews confident, and was the first person I emailed when I got my acceptances from Berkeley and Yale.

I sometimes marvel at the fact that a person who was a complete stranger to me five months ago has so profoundly shaped and accelerated the course of my career. And I know, from Raja’s genuine enthusiasm at every stage of this process, just how much joy she takes in helping her clients reach their goals. She loves what she does – in fact, on more than one occasion, I found myself imagining how cool it would be to get a job like hers after business school.

I consider meeting and working with Raja to be either the biggest stroke of luck or smartest decision I made in the MBA application process – maybe both. I can’t recommend her enough, and know she will continue playing an invaluable role in the lives of the people she works with”.


“Raja was extremely valuable throughout the business school application process.  We walked through each piece of my application and she had very clear and constructive feedback.  In particular, she helped me revamp my entire resume, and she provided several rounds of essay edits, which were always given in a timely fashion.  In addition, Raja conducted several mock interviews with me, and those were invaluable, as I went into each interview feeling calm and prepared.  Ultimately I was accepted into my top five schools, including Sloan and Kellogg, and I really can’t thank Raja enough.  I have already recommended her to several of my colleagues, and I would encourage anyone considering working with her to do so!”
“Raja works with diligence and attention to detail. The admissions process can be intimidating and disorienting, but Raja has a deep understanding of the process and sophisticated methods to help you build the perfect profile. She walked me through the entire process – set up a timeline, build a clear and detailed resume, craft customized essays for each school, how to use recommendations to support the essays, and much more. Together, all the things came together and told a story of my professional pursuit I could never have imagined to do on my own. We had detailed email exchanges and if I ever needed help she was always just a phone-call away. Above it all, Raja just seems to genuinely care about you and your success. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously trying to get into their dream schools. With her help, I was accepted to all the top-tier programs I applied to.”

“I cannot say enough good things about working with Raja! She was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire admissions process. Her passion and care really showed while she helped me mold my application into a thing of beauty.

From the beginning she was totally candid about where she thought I stood, honing in on my strengths and limitations as a candidate. Her insight into the art of MBA essay writing was truly invaluable. Her feedback turned my mediocre, generic essays into bold, vibrant portraits that clearly demonstrated why the admissions committee needed to have me. Throughout the process, Raja was able to draw on her deep experience working as an admissions officer at Haas and Stanford to differentiate me from the herd: I can’t imagine what my application would have looked like without her guidance.

Raja and I were both ecstatic when we heard I got an interview with Haas. She helped me prepare for the interview and I was able to walk in feeling incredibly confident and ready to shine! Her advice paid off and I am ecstatic to be going to Haas (my dream school) next year! I cannot thank Raja enough for her help.

Throughout the entire admissions process Raja was a committed partner who really cared about me and my success. She is a candid and thoughtful expert who is easy to work with and makes the process really fun, too! I enthusiastically recommend Raja without hesitation to anyone who really wants to get into a top tier MBA program”.

“Raja was a fantastic advisor throughout the MBA admissions process. She helped separate the signal from all the noise about what admissions officers seek in a candidate.  My favorite part about working with Raja was that she had an uncanny ability to find gaps or unclear points in essays and resumes.  With so much to convey in so few characters, this is essential to a successful application!  I know that her expertise helped me get accepted into my top-choice schools, Chicago Booth and Kellogg.”
“I began my admissions process to business schools without an advisor. I had friends that had been through it before and who gave me good advice, but none were as incisive as Raja. After a short time reviewing my application, she cut to the core of what was weak in my application. When you’re in the thick of it and have invested a great deal of time, energy, and emotion, it can be hard to step back and see what the weak points are. Even friends and colleagues are not that helpful – they are biased and already see you in a positive light.
In addition to advising me how to get into my number one choice, Raja provided great advice regarding other schools I had gotten into as well. With Raja’s background and extensive experience, there is no better choice for an advisor to give precise & accurate tips to show your best possible self.”
“Raja’s guidance was invaluable to me during the business school admissions process.  Initially, I decided to start the process without an advisor but once I started writing my essays, I wanted a second opinion from someone who understood the process firsthand. I started working with Raja three days before my round 1 applications were due. Even though we were on completely different times zones, I felt that Raja was invested in my essays as much as I was. Her quick and thorough responses exceeded my expectations. She is a clear, straightforward and efficient communicator and is genuinely warm.  Her unique ability to be encouraging while delivering honest, constructive criticism is what makes her an amazing sounding board for essay ideas and career goals. For interviews, I did a touch base call with Raja and she gave me advice on what to expect in the interview and how to prepare.  From working with her on the essays, she was able to tell me what my strengths and weaknesses were as an interviewee and how to deliver concise and meaningful answers. Raja was integral to my application process. I am so excited for the next chapter of my life at Wharton and will miss working with Raja immensely!”
“Raja was invaluable to me as I navigated applying to business school, giving me feedback on essays and coaching me through the interview process. We started working together later in the process and I had a really tight turnaround! She was so flexible working with my schedule and gave such quick feedback even though she was traveling on the other side of the globe! I was able to meet my deadline and apply almost a week before the round one deadline with Raja’s help and encouragement.
As a non-consulting applicant, I was nervous that I wasn’t applying in the “right” way or including the “right” things in my application. Working with Raja really gave me the confidence that my application was competitive and there wasn’t a right or wrong way of doing things. Having said that, she was very helpful at pointing out where I was straying from my core story or where I could trim fat in my application.
Raja’s coaching style is very warm and encouraging and I can’t say enough about how she goes above and beyond. I last minute decided to change an essay topic and needed to submit about a day and a half later. She responded so quickly and went beyond our originally agreed upon hours to give me some extra feedback. It meant so much to me that she was willing to do that.  Throughout the process it felt like Raja was my champion and when I was accepted to the GSB at Stanford she was one of the first people I told. I am happy to be going to school but sad that our official working relationship is over!”
“I can’t recommend Raja enough for her business school application guidance.  Anyone applying to business school knows how overwhelming, time consuming, and sometimes discouraging the process can be, but Raja helped break down the process to make sure I focused my time and energy on the right pieces of the application at the right time.  Raja was strategic in making sure each piece of my application – from my GMAT scores to my recommendations to my interviews – came together to tell a cohesive story.  She had the insight to know where an admissions committee would see weaknesses in my application and identified ways to address those gaps.
When I came to Raja, I had a generic list of accomplishments I tried to cram into my application in the hopes of impressing the admissions committee. Raja made me take a step back and took time understand my background, experience, and goals.  She used that knowledge to continually push me to make my applications more authentic, compelling, and a true reflection of myself.  I strongly believe that made all the difference in standing out to my top choice schools in a very competitive year.
What really struck me about Raja is how much she cared – she was just as invested in my success as I was.  She demanded my best and provided honest feedback, even when it was difficult to hear.  However, she was always encouraging, and I had her exclusive attention and focus during our time together.
There’s only one thing Raja couldn’t do – make the decision on whether I should go to Sloan or Kellogg (yes, I got into BOTH of my top choice schools)!  Thanks Raja for everything!!!”
“I am eternally grateful to Raja. She helped me transform my average and forgettable essay into a piece that could tell the story of who I was and what I was passionate about. With very small admission numbers, I knew I needed to show my best writing and work to have a shot at my top choice graduate school. I got in.In addition to being an exception editor, I found that one of best parts of working with her is that she provided specific feedback that still allowed for me to bring in my personal style of voice to solve each problem. She was incredibly supportive, and the thing that I still remember to this day is how much she truly cared about my personal goals. Her dedication helped bolster my own.I would highly recommend working with Raja.”

“Without the help of Raja, I don’t know where I would be today. Months ago, during the application process to colleges, I was incredibly stressed and overwhelmed to the point of giving up. My essays were average, and I was having a very difficult time expressing my ideas into coherent words and format. But then a close friend recommended Raja to my family, and everything changed for the better.

Raja is incredible. With her keen guidance, she was able to help me map out my ideas and form pieces of writing that truly represented myself. Colleges are looking for who you are, and she could read through my essays and find out what was just fluff versus my true intentions. She led me to create well-organized and impression-making essays. I was so proud of them when I was done. Not only did Raja ease my stress through the application process, but gave me encouragement and motivation. Her knowledge of the process was to such a great extent that I felt I was in the best hands possible. She aided my time management, and pulled the most heartfelt and passionate ideas from deep within for me to write about”.

Getting into UC Berkeley changed my life forever and I am so grateful for Raja who made it possible. The number one public university in the world is something to be proud of!”