College Admission Consulting

We work with a small number of families each year to help them navigate the college admissions process.

Through working with our team, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of how applications are reviewed by admissions committees.
  • Receive guidance on where and when to apply to college/university given your interest and goals.
  • Uncover your most compelling achievements and learn how to highlight them in an application through feedback provided on your resume, essays, extracurricular and other components of the application evaluated by admissions committees.
  • Understand how to prepare your recommenders to write you stellar letters of support.
  • Get tips on addressing red flags in your personal, academic and/or professional life.
  • Receive in-depth feedback on essays, ensuring you are answering the questions being asked by admissions in a compelling, concise manner.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t write your essays for you.
  • We don’t write your recommendations for you.
  • We don’t guarantee your admission.
  • We won’t continue to work with you if we find out you have falsified any part of your application. We will immediately terminate our contract and discontinue Bancroft’s service with you.


Hourly Consultation for Undergraduate Admissions: $400/hr

The hourly consulting can be used to focus on any aspect of the application. Listed below are possible ways you can apply this rate:

  • Understanding the Admissions Process: set up a time to speak or email us with questions on the application process.
  • Essay Strategizing: Typically 1-3 essay topics can be discussed in an hour so you can begin drafting a strong essay. This can be done via Google Hangout, Skype or telephone. This service is to help you write relevant, interesting essays that are compelling to an admissions committee.
  • Essay Editing: If you have drafts of essays started you may purchase time to receive in-depth feedback.  This service is to help ensure you are not falling into common applicant traps, that you are providing the right information, and that you are within the word limit. 
  • Ding Report:  If you have submitted an application the previous round and want an understanding of your weakness before you apply to the next round, we can provide feedback via  email or telephone with an assessment of your  application’s strengths and weaknesses.  1 hour allows for 1 application assessment. This service allows you to learn from any weaknesses in your previous applications and allows you to put your best foot forward for the next application. 
  • Waitlist Strategy: On the waitlist and don’t know what to submit to schools to improve your candidacy? We can provide you with an assessment of what weaknesses you can address and/or additional pieces of information to submit to improve your candidacy and get off the waitlist. This service allows you to see what areas of concern are likely keeping you on the waitlist and provides steps to address them in your follow-up communication to admissions committees.

Next steps: Email and let us know how you would like to use our hourly service (application strategy, brainstorming, essay editing, interview prep, etc.) We will review your request and contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm our availability to work with you.